Who am I…

Hello readers,

My name is Joshua Joubert and this is my first blog post.   Now, let me give a peak into my background and my reason for starting this blog. 

My background, well I’m currently a SharePoint developer for Raytheon.  Although, up to this point in my career with Raytheon. I have done very little in the way of SharePoint development, by this I mean the actual creation of SharePoint applications. This  doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned a great deal about SharePoint and how it works…we’ll get more in-depth into my experiences with SharePoint in future posts.  I have also touched upon PowerShell programming as well as MSBuild and more, a great deal more…details to come in later posts.

 The main reason that I opened this blog is to fulfill a requirement for my Independent Study in Computer Science.   Although, the main reason for this is for a course requirement, I think I will keep it and use it as a way to get helpful, hopefully helpful, information to my fellow developers.   

I feel this will be a good way for me to get information that I have come across and/or used to remedy issues that have arose during the development of projects that I have worked on and hopefully it will become a fount of knowledge for developers. A place for developers to come and find solutions or workarounds or even a new or better way to solve a problem that has arose for them.


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